Blunt Marketing

My soda shop is located literally one block away from a minor league ballpark that draws thousands of people for their games every few days. I’m always bummed that I can’t get all this traffic to come by my store before or after the game. In an effort to simply get these people in my shop, I came up with a blunt marketing idea. I designed a windshield flyer (I designed it on word, not even a design software…) to put on the hundreds of cars parked around the stadium and in the stadium parking lots. This is not just any advertising flyer though, because I feel like when you see a flyer the business is always just beating around the bush. SAY WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY! It is for this reason that I came up with the theory of blunt marketing. When I say blunt marketing I am just saying that if you are trying to market your product or business, literally just say what you want the consumer to know. In my case, I want these baseball fans to know that my shop is literally right next to where they are and I want to give them a reason to try us out. So I made a flyer that literally says “ATTENTION BASEBALL FANS: A brand-new soda and treats shop has opened less than a block away from you!”. I included a free drink coupon on there as well. I put a map on there showing where they are at the stadium and where we are, within walking distance of them. I included some intriguing product photos and that’s about it. I plan to get these printed at the cheapest shop possible (there are also four per page), cut them up, and on each baseball night have one of my team members in shop while I go flyer the hell out of every car that is out there. Hopefully my blunt, straight forward, and to the point techniques with this flyer, as well as a free coupon, they will literally have no reason as to why they wouldn’t stop by. They’re within walking distance and it is completely free to them. I am going to try it next game, I’ll let you know how it goes.


image1 (3).JPG

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