Social Media Campaigns

If you’re gonna run a promotion, run one that you would actually participate in yourself. Why would you expect anyone else to participate in something that you wouldn’t participate in yourself? I learned this the hard way yesterday when I tried to run a promotion on instagram. I said “Get a free size upgrade when you comment and tag two friends!”. Sounds like an okay idea? What I have realized is that a free size upgrade is something that no one cares about… Then I started thinking about it, and I was thinking that if I saw that there is no way I would comment. No one is going to go out of their way to comment and tag friends for a lame size upgrade. People will only interact and participate if it is worth it to them. Or at least it sounds like it is worth it to them. For instance, had I said “comment and tag friends and then receive a free cookie!” I would have gotten great engagement and participation in the campaign. The problem is that I can only do that so often or I will be giving away too much free product. I think the key to running a successful promotion such as this is to make your consumer feel like it is worth it to them to participate, while still being worth it to you (as the business owner) for them to participate. Don’t bother running a campaign that no one cares about, it will just look bad when no one is participating in it. In recap, this instagram campaign was a failure. I will do more research next time. Pick and choose your promotions carefullly. Make it worth it to you, and your customers.

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