The Worst Part of My Job

image1 (6).JPGAfter what I calculated to be my 73rd hour in shop for the week today, I was excited that I had scheduled two of my team to close on their own so I could go home for the weekend. Naturally, thirty minutes after one of my team members was scheduled to be there, they hadn’t shown up. Team member discipline is BY FAR the worst part of my job. Why? Because they have all become my close friends! When it comes to team member discipline, I have concluded that the most professional and comfortable way to deal with it is consistency. Set a precedent and hold to it! In this case, this had been the second weekend in a row that this particular team member “forgot” they were scheduled when they were. The first weekend, because I wanted to avoid the uncomfortable write up, I let it go and did not do anything. Now this weekend comes around and it bites me in the butt. Now I am forced to address the situation that looks as though is becoming a habit. I went ahead and gave them two write ups and apologized for not giving them one the first time. I said that it was nothing personal, but rather a matter of procedure and protocol. If you set a precedent and hold to it, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE BAD GUY! All you are doing is sticking to procedure, and nothing is personal.


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