Staying Positive

I think business is a bipolar girl. It just never seems to make up its mind as to how it wants to act. It is a constant roller coaster of things running perfectly and sales rolling in to everything hitting the fan and sales plummeting. In order to stay positive, you need to allow yourself small victories. Anything that is a step in the right direction is a win for you. Be it your best day of sales or even just one small successful customer interaction, you  need to celebrate your victories. If you cannot stay positive and motivated in your business ventures, you will be left behind by someone who is. When the bad days come, and you’ve had only a couple sales for the day, it is at that very moment you are defining yourself and your success as a business person. You have to respond to the bad days just as well as you do the good days. Bad day in sales? See this as an opportunity to get your ownership duties done, creatively market, and prep yourself and your shop for the next big rush.

In conclusion, if you have a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad couple of months or year, just take a deep breath and know that you are on a roller coaster. Have faith in your business plan and marketing strategies and be patient.

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