Building a “happy” Brand

The brand at my soda shop is focused on a “happy” experience for our customers. Everything we do is designed around this happy experience. The way we interact with customers, our colors and menu, logos, attire, and much more is all based around this experience.

As I strive to make anything and everything with my company encompass this brand, I realized just tonight that in the stressful, long work I have been putting in to achieve this, I forgot to live the brand myself! An experience that I had tonight in shop reminded me of this! A van full of autistic ladies and their care taker came into the shop for a fun night out to grab some drinks. I was overwhelmed by the happiness on each one of their faces when they walked in. The thought of a soda and cookie brought each of them so much joy! I put aside all my other concerns and focused on them and interacting with them while they were in the shop. I had so much fun and it made me so happy! The rest of the night I provided genuinely happy interactions to each one of my customers. In conclusion, when building a brand, you must first remember to live it yourself before you accurately translate it to your customers and team members. Small happy moments are everywhere!


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