Going After the Buyers

Pinpoint your demographic and go after them! This thought came to me in bed the other night so that’s exactly what I did! The target demographic at my soda shop is mothers with lots of children. So I asked myself, where can I find these mothers? Costco!!! So that’s exactly where I went. We made a flyer that was a fourth of a sheet and it said “Attention Costco Customers: a brand new soda and treats shop has opened just down the road!” It had a coupon for a free drink and some delicious looking pictures of drinks and treats on it. They had every reason to stop in. It’s just down the road, it looks delicious, and they have a FREE coupon. We flyered about 700 windshields at Costco with these flyers. This was a very small cost to me and it brought in tons of new prospects. Decide who you want to market to, find them, and go after them aggressively!


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