Sharing Small Moments With Your Team Members

As I’ve previously mentioned, my business partner and mentor taught me early on to refer to people that work for you as “team members” rather than “employees”. This is because team members that work together to build upon the vision of a company work harder and more dedicated than employees that just work for the man, put in their hours and head home.

I learned last night that small moments of connection are what makes relationships with team members strong. I was closing up shop with one of my team members after a busy night of drink making. We were doing the usual cleaning procedures and chatting about our music taste. We both agreed that an Disney song from many years prior was our jam and so we had to turn it on. We cranked up the music and had a dance party to old time Disney songs while cleaning up shop that night.

It seems like a small and meaningless moment, but it is the small connections a manager builds with their team members that makes them work harder, be more dedicated, and care about the business. This small moment with my team member improved our relationship and I specifically noticed an improvement in this team member’s performance since that night. To such a degree that this team member was specifically mentioned in an online review for their superior customer service while working the drive-thru window. Use small moments to connect with your team members. When team members buy into a manager, they buy into the manager’s dedication to the business.


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