Read The Contract

I had a brilliant idea of cutting costs about a month ago. We pay a linen service about fifty bucks a week to come swap out all of our rags, mops, mats, etc for clean ones. In an effort to do away with this cost, I figured I would install a washer and dryer in the storage area of my soda shop and do it all in house. Brilliant right? Well yeah it actually is a good idea.  So I got a used washer and dryer, installed water lines, the necessary power outlets, and drainage and got them all hooked up and ready to go. The investment was probably around three to four hundred bucks (I got them used) after all the utilities hook ups and such. The cost didn’t really bother me because I figured I would make my money back in about eight weeks at most after doing away with the linen service that is costing me fifty bucks a week.

Well here’s where it gets awesome. Once I spent all of the time and money to get my washer and dryer hooked up, I went ahead and called the linen service to cancel our account. Come to find out, in the hustle and rush of opening a year ago, I signed a contract locking us in for service for the next five years. Regardless of if this was my arrogance, or a detail that the salesman “forgot” to mention, if I want out of  that contract I am forced to pay about $1700.

Shortly after this frustrating (and expensive) situation, I went ahead and tried to change my garbage service to a cheaper company and realized I also signed a contract with them locking me into their expensive services. I really just don’t want to know how many other contracts I signed that are going to continue to cost me money, but one thing I know for sure is that I will be reading the entirety of service contracts before signing them in the future!


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