Aggressive Marketing

One cool method I have found to drive business at a low cost is seeking out local outlets that have a large pool of prospects, or potential new customers, and giving them free product in hopes to win them over! To apply this to my situation, each week (or every other week) I choose one or two local businesses to bring a free drink delivery to. This can be an office, a bank, a print shop, a school or anything! I go down to the office, introduce myself and tell all the staff about my new business that is just down the road from them, and then I go around and take orders (using my take out menus) from all of the staff! They get to try some of our awesome product, they get to meet and interact with the owner, and it adds some happiness to their day! My cost per drink is generally very low so to do an order for an entire staff of an office is not very expensive and yet it makes a deep impression on every one of them. The reason I say deep impression is because they didn’t just see Thirst or hear about it, they got to meet the owner, hear the first hand story about the business and try some product for FREE! This is the definition of guerilla marketing because it aggressive and takes more work than the typical advertisement but it is cheaper and pays off ten fold! When we first opened for business I did a free drink order for every single one of the teachers at a school just down the road from my shop. I went around to about 80 different classrooms in an hour and a half and took everybody’s orders. I took these order back to the shop, filled them all myself and delivered them. The whole order cost me about $83 dollars. Today the teachers and faculty of the school are about 20 percent of our total daily sales, not to mention that the teachers tell their students, who tell their parents, who then make up a large portion of our sales each day as well. Creative, aggressive, and CHEAP marketing continues to drive our sales because of efforts such as these free drink orders.


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