All Concerns Are Your Concerns

As a business owner, the sad truth is that every single worry, concern, or problem that arises within the business is yours to deal with. In other words, you absolutely never get to clock out. I got reminded of this today when I came into the shop early morning excited to work on some new marketing materials I had an idea for. I walked into a hot shop and found that the swamp cooler had stopped working. As we are on an extremely tight budget and have absolutely no money for something like calling the swamp cooler repair man, I climbed up on the roof and gave it a look. Two or three trips to Home Depot, and three and a half hours later, I sat satisfied in the dine-in and pulled out my computer as the swamp cooler blew cold air on me. It was about five minutes in, when I had just pulled my email up that a nasty sound came through the vent and I came to find out that a new part on the swamp cooler had broken yet again. The rest of my day and well into the night was devoted to working on this swamp cooler (I imagine a good portion of tomorrow will be too).

I came to realize that this is just sort of how it goes when it comes to owning a business. Sometimes what you want to get done isn’t what you get done, because stuff happens and problems arise, but that’s just how it goes.


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