I have been racking my brain and coming up with all kinds of in depth campaigns as to how I can increase my presence and following on social media. We do all kinds of promos with things such as “tag three friends and be entered to win___…”. These campaigns are great but were not giving me the results I wanted. One big thing when it comes to social media is time. I can’t expect my social media following to blow up overnight (or even in a year in a half in the case of my business). One thing I can do that I have completely overlooked up until this point is ASK! Ask for people to follow us on social media. I was looking on my point of sale software and saw data that showed over five thousand repeat customers. These are customers that are very aware of my business and obviously very big fans as they are regulars with us. I realized that had I presented the opportunity for them to follow us on social media, they would have done so and therefore would have been informed and aware of any new products, promos or updates that I can give to them that would in turn drive sales. Asking a customer to follow you on social media does not have to be direct or pushy. What I did was simply put together a small graphic on my drive-thru window and in my dine-in that said “Want to stay in the loop for all of our updates, promotions, new products, giveaways and more? Follow us @_____” and I included a picture of our three main social media platforms. My social media following increased by 24% in the first three weeks. Sometimes it seems that all you have to do is ask. People love your business and want to follow you on social media! You just have to present the opportunity to them.


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