Bringing Value With Social Content

With recent on-boarding of a new partner in my company that now oversees the general management and operations side of things, the majority of my time has shifted to marketing and communication. Recently I have made huge emphasis on social media marketing as I am a firm believer that it is the current state of the internet. With 101 different lessons already learned when it comes to social media marketing, perhaps the most important one is posting content that brings true value to your consumers. In my company, where my main consumer demographic is 30-50 year old mothers, it is truly in my best interest to post relevant and valuable content pertaining to them rather than just using the platforms to advertise my products. I believe in this concept so much that I started a mom tv vlog and aired it through our social media outlets. On these 60 second vlogs, we do not mention our business or products at all, we simply highlight a local attraction that we believe can bring value to mothers, highlight and review a motherly product, and last we pose a topic of conversation for our followers (specifically the mothers) to engage in in the comment section. Other mothers may come to our page to now view this mom tv vlog that they are being tagged in, but they may stay on the page because they are intrigued by the delicious looking treats as well. It seems that if you lure them in with content that they actually find value in, they will come for the value and leave wanting your product. I have made it a goal to only advertise my business or product once every FIVE POSTS. I am not sure if I am going to carry on with this consistently, but I am going to try it for at least a month.

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