Lessons Learned

Upon each experience that I document, I summarize the lesson, value, or strategy that I learned into a single sentence.

“The highest return on investment (short term and long term) comes from marketing to established customers as opposed to prospects.”

-Ref. Marketing To Customers Rather Than Prospects

“It seems that if you lure them in with content that they actually find value in, they will come for the value and leave wanting your product.”

-Ref. Bringing Value With Social Content

“People want to follow you on social media! You just have to present the opportunity for them to do so.”

-Ref. Asking

“The sad truth about owning a business is that you don’t ever, and I mean ever get to “clock out”.

-Ref. All Concerns Are Your Concerns

“Creative, aggressive, and CHEAP marketing efforts continue to drive sales.”

-Ref. Aggressive Marketing

“Read how long the terms are before signing a service contract!”

-Ref. Read The Contract

“Find small moments to connect with team members. A strong, connected team allows your business to succeed.”

-Ref. Sharing Small Moments Your Team Members

“The business will eventually come, make sure you’re prepared for when it does.”

-Ref. Everyone Comes At Once

“Pinpoint your target demographic and go after them!”

-Ref. Going After the Buyers

“When building a brand, remember to first live the brand yourself before you translate it to team members and consumers.”

-Ref. Building a “happy” Brand

“Consistency brings results.”

-Ref. Pack It All Up and Do It Again Tomorrow

“You have to respond to your worst days in sales just as well as you take your best days. Stay positive and focused.”

-ref. Staying Positive

“Every single customer interaction is the most important one.”

-ref. Customer Interaction

“No one is buying from you and you have no money to market? Sounds like you better get real creative and clear your schedule. You have aggressive, guerrilla marketing in front of you if you want to succeed.”

-Ref. Very Few Businesses Will Succeed…Make Sure Yours Is One of Them

“The strongest form of marketing comes from operations.”

-ref. Operational Marketing

“When it comes to team member discipline, set a precedent of sticking to procedure and protocol and you will never have to be the bad guy.”

-ref The Worst Part of My Job

“Only run a promotion that you would participate in yourself.”

-ref. Social Media Campaigns

“When making a flyer, be blunt. Literally write what you want people to know about your business!”

-ref. Blunt Marketing